If you find it hard to come across proper fitting footwear look no further, we can custom build an orthotic to fit your foot precisely. By creating an orthotic to fit your foot precisely, this will promote maximum foot health and provide the ultimate in comfort.

The need for orthotics can cause several symptoms including; sore tired feet, leg pain, back or neck pain, heel spurs, and or poor posture. Custom made orthotics can help relieve these symptoms and increase your overall health. Children should usually be checked in the early years (between ages 6 and 15) this will help them in later years. It is also important to get well fitted, good quality shoes designed for the task they are intended for.

If you have extended medical insurance, your plan may cover the cost of custom orthotics. You will most likely need a note from your doctor for coverage to apply.

The cost of this service varies slightly depending on your individual needs. You will find the cost to be competitive with other quality orthotics.

Simply contact us with an explanation of your needs, and we will be more than happy to give you a cost estimate. Please remember to include your phone number in your email in case we need to discuss your order in more detail. Go to our Order Form to place an order.

Mark's Footcare - Whistler Sandal Mark's Footcare - Whistler Sandal

Monashee, Yuma, Heidi, Desert, Brooke, Whistler, Harmony, Desiree, Anna, August and Thea Sandals all have removable footbeds to fit orthotics. All eight sandals also have the same heel wedge height. Please note that the orthopedics must be full length not 3/4 length.